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You have questions. We have answers. Check out our FAQ’s here!
If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yes! Absolutely. Typically, an average BiltRite home inspection takes two to three hours to complete, and we recommend if you do not want to join in for the entire inspection, to show up 90 minutes in. Most of the inspection process is gathering information around the house but at the end is the final review which we love for buyers and agents to be present for if possible. Obviously, the larger the home; the more time the inspection will take. Bring your notepad!

We offer WDO only as an add-on service through our preferred partner, Pest P.I., which we schedule, invoice, and submit reports for. The WDO inspector’s name is Rocky McKindles, and he has been doing WDO inspections since 1985! Since he is a partner, his schedule sometimes varies so we guarantee that he will complete the inspection the same day as the home inspection is scheduled but not always at the same time as the home inspection since he could have multiple stops in one day.

We do not offer pool, septic, or well inspections with our home inspections. These items are included in the home inspection report as present (pool and docks in our Lots and Grounds section and septic/well in our Plumbing section), but an in-depth inspection is recommended to be completed by affiliates included in our referral list.

We do offer a well water analysis as an add-on service to test the drinkability of the well water. This is an add-on fee of $195, and the lab results take five business days to get back to us.

Every BiltRite home inspection report has a section titled, “Indoor Air Quality.” This is where the inspectors look out for possible potential moisture intrusion concerns in prone areas such as sinks and roofs. If you have a family health concern or a concern based upon conditions within the property, we can schedule a certified mold assessor to conduct a complete indoor air quality assessment outside of the normal home inspection. Please reach out to our office should you wish to add on this service.

Yes, and yes! If the roof is single story and accessible, our inspectors do climb up there! If it is a high pitched second story (or third story) roof that is deemed dangerous at the time of inspection, we have drone technology that we use to check those.

If your house has a crawl space and it is accessible, we do get under the house! Please note that there is an additional fee that applies to this of $75.

Yes, to all! We accept all payment types (debit/credit card, check, cash, money order). You can certainly pre-pay for your inspection or pay your inspector at the time of service. Please note that you will NOT have access to your home inspection report until payment is made and you have read and electronically signed our pre-inspection agreement.

Yes, and yes. Once repairs are completed if applicable, we can come back out to verify the work on your behalf! Our re-inspection fee is $75, and this covers the inspector’s time and travel. To schedule these, we need a copy of the repair addendum and access to the property. Re-inspections are scheduled in between our main inspection times from 12-1pm.

Absolutely! If you decide to pass on the house and find another you love and find yourself under contract with, we will provide a $50 repeat customer discount to that second inspection and any others following. We truly hope none of our clients must go through that many, but sometimes it happens!

If the house has a detached garage that is solely that, we do not charge an additional fee to inspect that. If the property has multiple units or additional detached living space (guest house, mother-in-law suite, garage apartment), then we do charge an additional fee of $150.

Our guarantee is within 24 hours of your scheduled inspection time, but we typically beat that. Our inspection time slots are 10 am and 2 pm so if you have a morning inspection, chances are that you will receive your report later that afternoon and if you have an afternoon inspection, you will either receive the report at the end of the day or the following morning. Your report will be sent to you via email, and you will be able to download it directly (your realtor will also be sent the same report link) so as long as your inspection agreement is electronically signed and your payment has been made, you will be all set!