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BiltRite Inspections After Tornado

Home Inspection after Tornado Sightings

From northern Jacksonville through southern St. Augustine, our area has been hit by very severe weather over the past few weeks. Tornado sightings have become more common and can change your family’s life over night. Even if you haven’t been directly hit by a tornado touching down in your neighborhood, it is still important to have your home inspected after severe weather.

Several local neighborhoods have either been hit directly by an EF1 tornado touching down or by high speed circulating winds in the lower atmosphere. We’ve seen plenty of destroyed roofs on the news lately and now is the time to check for any hidden damage your home may have. If you haven’t already, contact a roofing professional to perform an inspection on your roof. While walking around your home and viewing the roof from all angles is the first best step, nothing beats a professional roof top inspection.

Storm damage may not be visible right away, especially from the ground. Shingles may appear to be in place, yet can be very loose. This increases the possibility of severe roof damage when the next storm passes through. Loose shingles are more easily blown off and can lead to a cascading effect. It is better to fix one or two shingles now then having to replace half your roof after a bad storm. Water always has a pesky way of finding a route into your home. While your roof may appear to be water-tight, it is very important to have it reviewed inside and out for leaks. A small leak can turn into a large problem if left untreated.

There are several high-quality roofing companies and inspectors throughout North Florida. Be sure the inspector you choose is insured, bonded, and certified. A true professional will take a ladder up each side of your home, get on your roof, and inspect all areas of the roof. They will also ask for attic access to inspect the underlying plywood for loose nails and water damage.

Before the next storm hits, contact a local roofing inspector and go into the rainy season with confidence.