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Easy DIY Flooring Upgrades

Buying and selling season is right around the corner and now is the perfect time to make some upgrades to your home. While large projects like a kitchen upgrade can be an expensive way to increase your home’s value, a simple facelift of your flooring may have buyers saying “yes” to your home, helping you earn top dollar. Here are a few simple DIY flooring upgrades you can finish before placing your home on the market.

Most homes in north Florida have a solid cement slab as the main subfloor. This makes installing nearly any type of flooring fairly easy as the underlying floor can’t really be damaged. Many home buyers love the warmth and look of wood flooring. Traditional wood floors have historically been difficult to install. A floating floor on the other hand is relatively simple and can completely change the look of your home in just a few days. These floors go down fast over your subfloor and are not nailed down, they are glued or snapped together. Typically a protective layer is added between the new floor and the cement to dampen sound and make for a more comfortable walk. However with easy-to-follow instructions there’s no reason why you can’t redo an entire room in a weekend.

Cork flooring has also become extremely popular in the past few years. Not only is it softer underfoot, it is stylish and a renewable resource. Many designs and styles are available so there’s no worry that your home will look like the bottom of a Birkenstock sandal. Cork flooring is also easy to install but you may want to do a little online reading before heading to the store so you know what you’re getting into.

Tile floors are by far the most popular in our area. They are beautiful and require little maintenance. New designs come out every year and many homeowners have opted with long, wood-grain tiles. These give the look of a wood floor with the resilience of tile. While you may want to have a professional lay these, they’re honestly not that difficult to install. Be sure to decide on your pattern and grout color beforehand so installation can be a breeze.