Certified Home Inspections Jacksonville FL

Inspections, Building Diagnostics & Construction. Done right.

Choosing a home inspectors jax is like choosing a physician....You need someone who can accurately diagnose any possible problems....but also provide the appropriate "treatment plan". This kind of knowledge and authority comes only one way....Experience.

BiltRite Home Inspections Jax and BiltRite Design/Build operate with a single-minded mission: Integrity. We seek it in every inspection; we expect it of every employee; and we deliver it with every service — from basic home inspections to complete remodels.

We do both, inspections and construction, which means that we are uniquely qualified to assist you with gauging the feasibility, cost and the timeframe to achieve your dream home — before you buy. A home with loads of potential, may also be hiding a load-bearing wall, the very wall you envision removed. Most often, it's the unforeseen details that are the budget busters, not the choice between carpet or tile.

On the sunny side, we can also help you spot hidden potential in a home. We can discuss cost-saving options that you may not have considered. We are also happy to help evaluate “cost of purchase vs. cost of ownership” — a projected home inspector Jax estimate of your actual monthly outlay. You see, a more expensive home can sometimes cost you less, for example, when lower electric bills offset a higher mortgage, actually saving you money.

The bottom line is that we ALWAYS offer advice as if walking in your shoes.

We are not just good at what we do, we strive to be good listeners, too. We take the time to answer your questions — before, during and after the inspection. When asked, we offer an honest opinion, nothing short of what we expect of others. It's just part of our company DNA.

Our inspections go beyond the scope of our competition by not only listing DEFECTS, but taking it further to provide detailed recommendations for appropriate REPAIRS so that next steps are clear to all parties. This sets BiltRite Inspections apart from the vast majority of home inspectors. We feel like we have not done a complete job if we just list the problems...we provide the solutions.

Building Diagnostics for Realtors, Property Managers and Home Builders

  • Real estate inspections
  • Mold Assessments
  • Moisture Intrusion Assessments
  • New Construction Quality Assurance Inspections and Duct Blaster/Blower Door
  • Renovation Loan Consulting Services
  • Home & Commercial Building Construction Consulting
  • Historical Home & Building Renovation Consulting

It Boils Down To Integrity - 4 Point Inspection Jacksonville FL

Since opening our doors in 2006, BiltRite Inspections has become North Florida's go-to source for residential and commercial inspections, Third Party QA and Energy Testing, and construction consulting. We believe it boils down to Integrity:

  • We do things the right way, never cutting corners
  • Our team of certified pros use the best available equipment and processes to inspect homes and commercial buildings
  • Every inspection is performed at-and beyond-guidelines set by the International Association Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI)

Contact us at 904-262-9855 to schedule a consultation with a BiltRite Inspections pro. We're here in of Jacksonville, Florida, so we can be at your place in no time. We look forward to it.