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Homeowner's Insurance Inspection

The BiltRite Way is BETTER:

Are you shopping for Home Owner’s Insurance? Did you know that the documentation you send to your carrier can have a HUGE influence on underwriting success and cost? In Florida, for example, a Wind Mitigation Verification Inspection, properly completed and documented, can render premium discounts of hundreds of dollars depending on conditions in your home. We can mobilize one of our experienced and licensed inspectors to your home to complete your Wind Mitigation and 4-point inspections for you and provide easy-to-read reports delivered to your email before we leave your driveway.


BiltRite inspectors are the best in the biz, but that quality has to convey in the deliverable. Our reports are clear and easy to read and include all required pictures and details to put your property in the best possible light for the insurance underwriter. We anticipate the questions they may have and include extra info and photographs where applicable. We don’t just check the boxes….we give you a quality service with your goal in mind of getting the best quality insurance at the lowest possible cost. We get feedback from insurance teams continually that they appreciate our extra attention to detail.


BiltRite inspectors complete your insurance reports while on-site at your property and then publish the report documents straight to your email before we leave your driveway. We know timing is critical, so your coverage can get bound quickly.

Stand Alone Services

4-Point Inspection
A Four Point inspection is an overview inspection of the major systems in your home, namely Roof, Plumbing, HVAC, and Electrical. Insurance underwriters use this information to determine eligibility and to shop between carriers.
Wind Mitigation Inspection
Wind Mitigation is a separate inspection that breaks down any updates or upgrades that have occurred in the home, which help your home resist wind damage. Your insurance carrier will provide discounts based on the presence of some of these conditions if adequately documented and photographed by a qualified inspector.
Healthy Home Inspection
Scheduling a Healthy Home Checkup means you won’t have to worry about potential issues hiding inside your home. Your full report allows you to be proactive and get ahead of those repairs. After our full inspection, you’ll receive our Healthy Home Report including Immediate recommendations, Items to address within two years, Long-term preventative maintenance items, & Access to tips and reminders through our Healthy Home Community.

Combo Deals

If you are ready to schedule your insurance inspections, please click the link below to fill out our scheduling form, and we’ll send you a confirmation before your inspection visit.