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Healthy Home Checkup

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It’s Time For Your Home’s Checkup!

48% of homeowners have had an emergency repair in the past 12 months at their home!

75% of homeowners have no set plan in place to pay for home maintenance projects.

Get ahead of repairs and home maintenance with our Healthy Home Checkup. Imagine knowing what was going on inside your home, so you could plan for repairs. With our Healthy Home Checkup, you can!

If you’ve ever had a surprise repair, you know how stressful it can be. Our Healthy Home Checkup helps you get ahead of costly repairs and routine home maintenance expenses. 

Reduce   the cost of repairs by catching them early – before they cause damage to your home. 
Minimize   the risk and liability of broken or defective systems. 
Increase   the resale value of your home. 
Rest Easy   knowing that your home is protected and your family is safe.

Multi-Point Evaluation

This multi-point evaluation is can be scheduled and performed quickly, without disrupting your home or family. It covers visual inspection of accessible surfaces and major systems in your home, including:

Exterior Surfaces
Interior Surfaces

Infrared Thermographic Scans

Detect roof leaks and other problems
Find air-leaks in walls and windows
Help discover moisture leakage
Uncover overloaded electrical systems
Pinpoint areas with insufficient insulation
Examine HVAC system for malfunctions

The BiltRite Healthy Home Report

Scheduling a Healthy Home Checkup means you won’t have to worry about potential issues hiding inside your home. Your full report allows you to be proactive and get ahead of those repairs.  After our full inspection, you’ll receive our Healthy Home Report including:

Don’t let costly repairs set you back! Call us today to schedule an appointment that keeps YOU in control. 

Trust the home inspection company that’s on your side – BiltRite Home Inspections.

Immediate recommendations
Items to address within two years
Long-term preventative maintenance items
Access to tips and reminders through our Healthy Home Community