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  • One of our team members conducting a home inspection in Jacksonville, FL.
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  • Home inspection in Jacksonville, FL, in progress.
  • Home inspection in Jacksonville, FL, in progress.
  • Home inspection in Jacksonville, FL, in progress.
  • Home inspection in Jacksonville, FL, in progress.
  • Home inspection in Jacksonville, FL, in progress.
  • Home inspection in Jacksonville, FL, in progress.
  • Home inspection in Jacksonville, FL, in progress.
  • Home inspection in Jacksonville, FL, in progress.

Home Inspections in Northern & Central Florida

It’s your home, and you should know every inch to ensure you are investing in the right property. With over 10 years of experience and a background in residential and commercial construction, our team will lead you in the right direction.

With our family taking care of yours, you don’t have to worry.

Your home will get the highest quality of care during our inspection. Count on BiltRite to look over the entire property and determine if there are any structural or basic operational components of your home that need repair.

Whether you are purchasing new construction, a historical home, or something in between, our professional team of state and InterNACHI certified inspectors can help you. Every inspection, regardless of type, receives our infrared scan to find any potential problems before they affect the property.

BiltRite is the go-to home inspector in Florida for a reason.

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Existing Home

For any existing home, our inspectors will give a detailed and in-depth report on the property. This includes a 4-point inspection, a Uniform Mitigation Verification Inspection Form, and ensuring that the home is move-in ready. We will check for any and all maintenance issues with your plumbing, electric and HVAC systems along with your roof, attic, crawl space, living spaces, exterior, lots and grounds, etc.

Our team wants to make sure your new purchase is safe and structurally sound before you make your final decision.

Northeast Florida Association of Realtors.

New Home

With our background in new construction quality assurance, we are on your side during the building process. Our inspectors come out to ensure that every stage of your new home, pre-slab, pre-drywall, and pre-closing, is meeting your expectations and needs and meets proper quality construction standards. BiltRite goes over your home with a fine-toothed comb, ensuring that it is being built right.

If you are looking to schedule a new construction inspection, please click here.

Commercial Building Inspections

The BiltRite services don’t end with just residential. Our team will come out and check your commercial property for purchase to ensure that the building is meeting any codes necessary. We complete a full building inspection to include assessment of structural, functional/major systems and general life safety with drone camera aerial shots, infrared scanning with an extensive report to follow.

Our Pricing

We are NEFAR affiliates, and all BiltRite Inspectors have their own access to e-key. We offer WDO as an add on service through our preferred partner, Pest P.I.

All of our pricing includes the following:

  • Full electronic PDF inspection report

  • 4 Point Insurance Report

  • Wind Mitigation Report

  • Infrared Scanning

  • Moisture Meter Readings

  • Drone Camera Shots

  • 24 HR Turnaround Guarantee

Existing Homes

Under 2500 SF on slab $485
Between 2500-3500 SF on slab $585
Between 3500-4500 SF on slab $685
Between 4500-5500 SF on slab $785
Between 5500-6500 SF on slab $885
Between 6500-7500 SF on slab $985
Between 7500-8500 SF on slab $1085
Between 8500-9500 SF on slab $1185

If the home is over 50 years old, a $100 historical property fee will be applied. Thank you!


Under 2500 SF $435
Between 2500-3500 SF $535
Between 3500-4500 SF $635

Additional Fees

Stand alone 4 point inspection $195
Stand alone Wind Mitigation
*$50 off if you get both inspections
Multi-unit/Commercial fee $175 for additional unit/living space, $125 per additional unit
Crawl space fee: $125
Reinspection: $115 (Reinspection fee with crawl space $165)

New Construction

Square Footage Pre-Slab Pre-Drywall Pre-Closing 11 Month Inspection*
2500 SF + under: $385 $435 $485 $485
2500-3500 SF: $485 $535 $585 $585
3500-4500 SF: $585 $635 $685 $685
4500-5500 SF: $685 $735 $785 $785
5500-6500 SF: $785 $835 $885 $885


Repeat Customer Discount $50
Pre-listing Discount $50
Heroes Discount ($25) *Military, First Responder or Educator, thank you for you service!

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