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Jacksonville, FL


As a family-owned and operated business founded in Northern Florida, BiltRite Jacksonville provides reliable, high-quality inspection services to all our clients and agent partners. Whether purchasing new construction, a historical home, or something in between, our professional team of state and InterNACHI certified inspectors is ready to help every next client. Every inspection, regardless of type, receives our infrared scan to find any potential problems before they affect the property. We are the top resource for home purchasing and large investment next steps.

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Meet the Jacksonville BiltRite Team

BiltRite was founded in 2006 as a construction Quality Assurance service business. Founder Michael Munn launched the business leveraging 17 years of construction industry experience and five years in environmental sciences and industrial hygiene. During the recession of 2008, the brand pivoted into real estate home inspections. Combining his knowledge and experience, Michael implemented his own customized versions of industry-leading inspection processes based on a Building Science foundation, communicated in a format easy for anyone – clients and franchise owners alike – to understand.

Jacksonville BiltRite Location

11235 St. Johns
Industrial Parkway N #1
Jacksonville, FL 32246