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BiltRite Inspections For Windows

Home Window Inspection & Air Flow Analysis

There are two basic openings to your home, doors and windows. Since homeowners pay most of their attention to doors, their windows can become neglected. Just like doors, these have seals, hinges, sliders, springs, and other moving parts. Each time a window is opened or closed, these parts are used. If not properly maintained, they can quickly add up to an expensive repair and require a Home Inspector Jax

There are four basic types of opening windows: sash (also known as double hung), casement, sliding, and awning. Each opens and closes in a different way and each comes with their own types of issues. Most homes in the Jacksonville area have double-hung windows where the top piece of glass is fixed and the lower piece moves vertically using rails and springs. Casement style windows are hinged horizontally and crank operated. Sliding windows run horizontally on tracks and look like miniature sliding doors. Finally, awning windows are hinged across the top and open outward.

Insulation is another key component found in all window types. While wooden framed windows are better insulators, they can deteriorate over time. Metal framed windows, found in older homes, do not deteriorate but conduct heat, which makes them poor insulators. Vinyl framed windows are the best combination of resistance and conductivity, but they lack a pleasing interior aesthetic. Newer windows will often feature a vinyl casing on the outside and a wooden frame on the inside, making them both pleasing to look at and insulating.

When inspecting your windows, pay attention to how they operate. They should open and close easily. Check the inner tracks, seals, locks, and any moving elements like cranks and springs, to make sure they are clean and operating correctly. Another area (which can commonly have a problem) is between the frame of the window and the wall of the house. Deterioration here can lead to very costly repairs.

While it is always good to have an expert perform inspections on your home, no one knows your house like you do. Be vigilant and keep an eye on the condition of your windows. Hidden leaks can rob your indoor comfort and cause your air conditioning or heating system to work harder. The extra load can cause unnecessary wear and tear on your HVAC as well as spike your power bill. For a full house inspection with air flow analysis, call BiltRite Home Inspections.