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Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

Many of us have already started decorating for the holidays. While it is a time of family and fun, many don’t realize the real dangers which can accompany the festivities. Between electric lights, hundreds of feet of extension cord, open flames, and hot lamps & ornaments, the holidays can introduce new dangers to your home not present at any other time of year. Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind as you prepare to enjoy this time of year.

If you’re decorating for Christmas and decide to use a live tree, your biggest threat is fire. Always keep live trees away from heat sources such as fireplaces, electric heaters, and candles. Also keep a fire extinguisher near the tree, just in case. You’ll also want to keep your tree hydrated to reduce the risk of it catching fire. Many people will use various fertilizers or other chemicals to keep their tree looking as beautiful as possible well into January. If you’re planning to do this, please keep your pets in mind. There is often nothing more tempting for a dog or cat than a new source to drink from. If your tree water is not contained, you run the risk of poisoning your pet.

If you’re celebrating Hanukkah or Kwanzaa this year, be cautious when lighting the Menorah or Kinara. Keep anything flammable away from the open flames and extinguish as appropriate with the customs. This also goes for electric versions of these items which can also become quite hot when left unattended.

When decorating outside, check all extension cords beforehand. Just because they’ve been in your attic or garage all year doesn’t necessarily mean they’re in working condition. Inspect for any frayed or exposed wires and test each cord individually before wiring your entire yard.

With a little planning you can be sure to avoid any major problems which would take away from your enjoyment of the holidays. From all of us at BiltRite, we hope you have a festive and safe holiday season.