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Home Inspections Jacksonville

BiltRite is Jacksonville’s premiere source for a Standard Home Inspection and quality inspection services. We offer a comprehensive lineup of building inspections, quality assurance assessments and building science diagnostics, and serve all of northeast Florida. Our mission is to facilitate continuous quality improvement for the builders, and owners who we call our clients. We accomplish this goal through:

  • Comprehensive inspections
  • Real time data analysis
  • Home buyer education
  • Building science assessments
  • Quality assurance reviews
  • Inspection reports emailed directly

Most importantly . . . we give you our time and attention. After every inspection we leave time for a review of all findings. We walk back through the home with the buyer and realtor to discuss all deficient items, as well as to highlight the positive features of the home. This gives the buyer a clear, balanced understanding of the conditions of the home. Our inspector will discuss future maintenance items that should be expected and answer any questions about possible upgrades for energy efficiency or expansion and remodels.

What Do I Need in Addition to a Standard Home Inspection?

See our Inspection Services menu for other BiltRite inspections and assessments available to satisfy inspection requirements for specific properties. However, if you are purchasing an existing home, there are two additional inspections that can save your money. For example, if the house is more than 15 years old, our 4-Point Inspection verifies the age and condition of the structure's roof, electrical system, HVAC and plumbing. Insurance underwriters typically use this information to determine the rate for a new policy. If your roof has been updated since 2002, you can save money on homeowner's insurance with a Wind Mitigation Inspection. If a 4-Point or Wind Mitigation Inspection is needed, BiltRite can complete these at a competitive price. In most cases, the savings on annual homeowner's insurance costs will pay for these services many times over.

Infrared Technology at No Extra Cost

If you've had a home inspection without an Infrared Scan, your inspection was not complete. Our area of the country is well known for high-humidity and heavy rainfalls. Both are common culprits of moisture intrusion which can allow mold, wood rot and pest infestations into your home. BiltRite technicians are well trained in utilizing infrared scans in new constructions and existing structures, and will provide a professional survey report with photos of any problematic areas and suggestions for remediation. The technology is not only useful in identifying moisture intrusion but is effective in identifying quality issues with construction, termites and pests, heating and cooling issues as well as active mold growth. All of this at NO EXTRA COSTS. Protect your investment. Call BiltRite or use this website's convenient form to schedule your inspection, assessment or analysis.

Decades of Experience as Home Builders

BiltRite is owned and operated by experienced home builders with decades of construction experience across North Florida. Each aspect of our process helps us reach a tangible positive outcome which is realized by every home buyer, builder and superintendent that uses our home inspection services. We know this area and know how to provide the most thorough home inspections, analyses and assessments available. Plus, when we do identify a problem with a new construction or existing home, we develop a detailed plan for remediation. Because we have decades of home building experience, as well as licensed home inspectors, we provide excellent ideas for making any necessary repairs. And it doesn't stop there. Once repairs or restorations are complete, our technician will make a follow-up inspection to re-inspect affected areas (for a small trip charge) to ensure your problems have been corrected. As we see it, there are two kinds of homes in Jacksonville . . those that are BiltRite . . and those that are not.