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BiltRite Opportunities

Learn more about why owning a BiltRite franchise is the Rite choice for you!

Biltrite Pieces Work Together Franchise

Highly Fragmented Market Ripe for Consolidation

Be independent without being alone. We’ve developed everything you need to build confidence, credibility, and compassion to navigate and leverage relationships with realtors and clients. We lead first with care, and joining our leading expertise and systems will allow you to do the same.

Biltrite Growth Franchise

Alignment with Macro-Economic Trends

Biltrite watches and prepares for ever-changing economic trends. Demand is higher than ever from realtors and homeowners for high-quality inspections, and we aim to match every time. When housing turnover slows, we meet the ongoing demand for new home inspections readily.

Biltrite App Franchise

Leading Technology Systems

Biltrite has customized the industry norm software to work just for them, making it comprehensive and intuitive for inspectors. The outcome? Technical information in everyday language, suitable for YOU to help homeowners make their next best decision.

Biltrite Success Franchise

Simple, Efficient Business Model

Biltrite removes your fear of the unknown by implementing systems that take care of the administrative work for you. Whether framing or roofing contractors, our developed software and systems give you all the information you need. It’s true in every state, you don’t need inspection experience to join our franchise family!

Biltrite Experience Franchise

30+ Years of Experience Embedded into Systems and Training

Biltrite took the collective wisdom from our tenured franchisors experiences and our original founders’ knowledge and backed it up into an app, available as a benefit to any and all who join our franchise family. With over 20k inspections under our belt, we have the proper tips and tricks ready for you!