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Invest In Your Future

Learn what investment is required to own a BiltRite franchise.

Biltrite Trust Franchise

Initial Investment

$67,025 – $125,925

Biltrite Team Franchise

Franchise Fees

Single Unit: $49,900
2 Units: $84,800
3 Units: $124,700
4 Units: $159,600
5 Units: $184,500

Biltrite Paperwork


Liquid Capital: $50,000
Net Worth: $100,000
Veteran Discount: $5,000

Item 19
Affiliated-Owned Location 2021

Gross Sales: $1,003,981  | 100%
Total Direct Costs: $512,818  | 51.1%
Gross Profit: $491,163  | 48.9%
Total Disclosed Expenses: $119,473  | 29.2%
Adjusted Profit: $371,690  | 37.0%

*See Item X of our 2022 Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”) for further details.

*All fees and payments are non-refundable, unless otherwise stated, or permitted. The chart above estimates your initial investment to begin operating a Franchised Business. These estimates do not include interest and financing charges that you may incur and they do not include royalties, marketing development, and other continuing fees that you will be required to pay to us. We do not offer direct or indirect financing. The estimates are based on experience of our affiliate in establishing a System business.