Property Management Inspections

Many investors in Jacksonville rely on property management companies to help take care of their rental properties. The services offered by these businesses can be as little as simply accepting rent to as large as handling all major repairs and maintenance of the property. Annual inspections allow the property management company to know the condition of the property inside and out. Having an accurate record of the state of the home plays a major role in: advertising the home for the next tenant, handling security deposit disputes and settling legal disputes if they ever arise.

Our professional property management inspectors will provide the following services to include:

Moisture / Mold Damage Assessment at Discounted Rate
We will use the latest technology in infrared thermography to detect moisture and mold. Next we will recommend the best way to resolve the issue permanently all at no extra charge.

Annual Property Maintenance Assessment
During the property management inspection, every major component of the home will be reviewed including: plumbing, electrical, HVAC, drywall, windows, doors, carpeting, tile and appliances.

Tenant Turnover Inspections
As rental tenants historically do not take care of the home as well as the homeowner would, our inspectors also look for the small details which are typically not reviewed during a regular home inspection. These can include: the cleanliness of the home, how well maintained the lawn is, if the smoke detector batteries need to be replaced, if the HVAC filters have been well maintained and if all the lights in the home work.

What about using an Mobile App for Inspections?

While there are many programs and mobile applications on the market that claim to provide this type of service for the homeowner, the fact remains that these programs are not trained inspection professionals. No matter how great an app is, it can never replace the keen eye of someone who has literally inspected thousands of properties during their career and knows the area inside and out.

Our team works hand-in-hand with property management companies to provide the inspection service they need. This helps them keep their clients happy and helps safeguard the investments of the homeowners using their services. Whether you are a property management company, or are a homeowner in need of this type of inspection, call our Jacksonville office today at 904-262-9855 to schedule a consultation. You can also complete the short form on this page to have a technician reach out to you at your convenience.