Pre Slab Inspection

Every quality home lasting for decades relies on one key component to ensure a lifetime of durability, the foundation. It has been said that the quality of a home is only as high as the quality of the foundation it rests upon. If you are having a new home built in Jacksonville, you will definitely want to get an independent inspector to review the property prior to the concrete slab being poured.

What Does The Inspector Look For?

By performing a complete inspection of the job site prior to the concrete being poured, you will save thousands of dollars of labor later on should there be an issue once the foundation has set. It is always easier to move a pipe, electrical component or rebar placement BEFORE the slab is set.There are several key elements that go into a thorough pre-slab inspection. The BiltRite team looks for:

  • Is the rebar placed properly according to the builder’s plans? Is the rebar clean with all chairs or dobies in place? Is the Ufer ground connection point easily accessible?
  • Is the pad set below the layer of organic matter on undisturbed soil or on engineered fill dirt?
  • Has the gravel pad been properly compacted? (this is critical and is repeated until certain)
  • For larger homes, has compaction testing been performed and has the proper documentation been completed by the testing company on the job site?
  • Are the wood forms properly sized and placed to ensure a proper slab thickness?
  • Is the moisture barrier intact and in place?
  • For post tensioned properties, are the cables placed in proper alignment? Meaning are they arranged so they will pass under or over bearing points and rebar where necessary?
  • What about the electrical, plumbing and mechanical rough-ins? Are they in the correct place according to the builder’s plans?

When discrepancies are present, each are listed in the BiltRite inspector's report. Once all items have been corrected, our inspector will come back at for a convenience fee, to verify that the changes have been made and meet current standards.

While you may have the best builder in all of Jacksonville working on your home, they are still a company and you are still a customer. Do your due diligence by taking the time and investing the money into hiring a third-party inspector to review your property. With no financial stake in repairing any issues discovered, you can be assured to get an accurate assessment of the job site and have the potential of saving thousands of dollars of repairs down the road. Call our office to schedule a consultation today at 904-262-9855 or complete the short form at the top of this page and a member of the BiltRite team will reach out to you at your convenience.