Pre Drywall/Duct Blaster Inspection

Pre Drywall/Duct Blaster Inspection

A pre-drywall walk through is one of the most important inspections that can be performed on a new construction home in Jacksonville. Why? Because this is the last chance the homeowner, or anyone for that matter, will have to see what has been installed behind the drywall before it is put up. Once the walls are up elements like wiring, plumbing, duct work and insulation are hidden and any potential issues are more costly to correct.

In most cases, we also conduct the code required Duct Blaster test where the AC ducting is pressurized and tested for overall "tightness" to assure minimal leakage and maximum energy efficiency.

What Is Reviewed During A Pre Drywall Inspection?

Your BiltRite inspector will perform a full review of every wall in the home to ensure all elements are up to code. During the initial inspection we will make a detailed report of all the issues we find and give you a copy when we finish. After the repairs have been made, we will return to verify that all items have been corrected at no extra charge. Among the components examined are:

This includes checking for gaps in the framing, lights in the correct position, outlets and sockets in the right spot, and that tie downs and fasteners are properly secured.

Condensation Lines
These are the PVC lines that run through the walls and carry away water built up by your HVAC system while dehumidifying your home. These lines always need to run downhill and your inspector will measure this with both a tape-measure and a level for enhanced accuracy.

All boxes and wires need to be secured firmly to the studs. The entire electrical system is closely inspected for nail penetration as this will cause issues once the power is turned on in the home. The builder’s plans are also referenced to ensure all lights and switches have been installed in the correct places.

Building Envelope
The building envelope is very important as it helps define the structural integrity of the house. During this inspection, we will make sure that the foundation, floor systems, walls (interior and exterior) and roof system are all air tight.

It’s a simple fact that water and drywall don’t mix. The entire plumbing system is reviewed for proper sealing and downhill flow throughout the home. As leaking pipes can be one of the most destructive elements, it is critical to inspect this system well in advance to the drywall going up.

Gas Lines
Many homes throughout Jacksonville use gas for cooking, heating and fire places. There are two main things we look for: first, that the gas lines are securely fastened to the studs and second, that nail plates have been added over the studs where the gas line passes behind the stud. This prevents nails from penetrating the line causing a gas leak.

Homes being built to Energy Star Version 3 guidelines will need an HVAC system quality installation test and passing rating. This pre-drywall duct test measures the overall efficiency of the system, specifically the amount of air leaked through the ductwork to the outside. This, combined with upgraded insulation and other program requirements, helps the homeowner achieve the desired Energy Star rating.

As all major systems run through your walls, each element is inspected for proper installation and potential problems. Any discrepancies in the original construction are much more easily corrected before the walls are closed and painted. Be sure to have your independent, BiltRite inspector examine the entire home at this juncture in the building process. Call our office today at 904-262-9855 or complete the short form on this page to schedule your appointment.