Pre Closing/Blower Door & Home Inspection

Pre Closing/Blower Door & Home Inspection

Building a new home is an exciting time for any homeowner. Quite often this is your “dream home” and you hope to live in it for many years to come. As this is can be a large investment, in terms of both time and money, it is important to know that the home you are getting from the builder is exactly the home you paid for. This is why it is critical to walk through your home prior to closing with a Home Inspectors JAX BiltRite pre-closing inspector to ensure everything works. As a third-party home inspection company, we are not emotionally or financially invested in the property and can provide you an unbiased review of the home to isolate any potential problems due to poor quality of construction.

Typically by the time the homeowner gets to the final closing process, they are mentally “done” with construction and want to move into their new home. This often causes small nuances in the build to be overlooked. By hiring one of our inspectors you get a fresh pair of eyes examining your property which have been especially trained to find the telltale signs of rushed construction and code violations. As this is often the last chance to perform this type of inspection before the home is officially yours, it is a critical step in protecting your investment.

When we perform this inspection on behalf of the Builder, we simultaneously perform the code required Blower Door test, where the building envelope is pressurized and overall air exchange dynamics are documented and verified against design specifications based on the size of the home.

What Items Are Added to The Final Punch List?

Up until this point most of the items being addressed with the builder have been with the major components of the home such as the pouring of the foundation, proper electrical installation, being up-to-code and so on. This final walk-through is the homeowner’s chance to look at the minutia, the fine details of the build. Here are a few of the elements we review:

  • Are all doors plumb, clear the carpet, swing open freely and stay open?
  • Are all moldings and trip pieces in-place, caulked and painted?
  • Are there any gouges or marks on the walls from installing finishes?
  • Are counter tops level?
  • Do all lights, fans and garbage disposals work?
  • Do all faucets, toilets and sinks work?
  • Are there any marks, scratches or chips on the cabinets, flooring, moldings or door frames?
  • Do all cabinets and drawers open and close properly?
  • Do all windows open and close properly? Do they lock? Are the screens installed?
  • Have all parts of the home been cleaned and are free of construction debris?
  • Was everything in the building contract completed to the exact specifications expected?

While many of these are cosmetic, they can also be costly to replace after move-in. The most important part of this inspection is settling the “who done it” questions that can arise after closing. Should you find a scratch on a cabinet or loose fixture after you move in, the builder’s typical response may be “How do I know you didn’t do that when you moved in?” By completing a pre-closing inspection, you avoid having this type of conversation with your builder. When discrepancies are present, each are listed in the BiltRite inspector's report. Once these items have been corrected, our inspector will come back out to re-inspect repaired items for a convenience fee.

By reviewing all of these elements your BiltRite inspector can give you the peace of mind that the home you’re moving into is the home you ordered from your builder. Call our Jacksonville office today at 904-262-9855 or complete the short form on this page to schedule your pre-closing inspection.