Builders - Third Party Inspection

Builders - Third Party Inspection

BiltRite is a full service Building Science Consulting firm positioned to become a valued partner to any Home Building organization. We offer a wide range of diagnostic services designed to help builders identify and remedy almost any kind of construction related issue. The core of our service is the BiltRite Quality Assurance Program which meets the inspection requirements of the Florida Building Code/Energy Code AND provides overall quality assurance documentation assuring that the builder product is consistently the highest quality home in the respective market.

We also provide ongoing building diagnostic services for Builder Customer Service departments where third party assessments are conducted to diagnose any moisture intrusion or indoor comfort issues that may arise from time to time assuring that your home buyers always maintain the very real sense that the Builder truly cares about their ongoing satisfaction.

BiltRite Quality Assurance Program

The BiltRite Quality Assurance Program is a detailed QA inspection service that allows builders to maximize the quality of workmanship provided by all of their subcontractors. As a result of consistently improved quality, builders experience the following benefits:

  • Improved J.D. Power ratings
  • Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Increased sales
  • Decreased Warranty Expense

BiltRite Pre-Drywall/Duct Blaster Inspection

The BiltRite Pre-Drywall Inspection occurs after all rough framing is complete, roofing is complete, doors and windows are installed, and rough electrical, plumbing, and HVAC work are complete.

  • All framing work is inspected
  • All Electrical, HVAC, and Plumbing work is inspected
  • Building envelope is inspected for any potential points of moisture intrusion
  • Roof is inspected
  • Rough grade is inspected

Any items that require correction are communicated to the appropriate superintendent and subcontractor so action can be taken. Once corrections have been completed, the BiltRite inspector returns to verify proper completion of each item.

While on site conducting your Pre-Drywall QA inspection, we also complete the code required Duct Blaster testing of AC ducts, providing both services in one visit which saves cost and maximizes our inspector's time on site.

The BiltRite Pre-Closing/Blower Door Inspection

The BiltRite Pre-Closing Inspection occurs when the home is complete and ready for occupancy. The BiltRite inspector utilizes the latest analysis technology to check all components of the home for overall function, quality, fit and finish.

  • Using InfraRed Thermography, moisture meters, voltage testers, and other equipment, the inspector scientifically measures conditions of all building components.
  • All workmanship is inspected for compliance with quality standards.
  • All data is collected using proprietary inspection software for absolute consistency and accuracy.

Any items requiring corrective action are communicated to the appropriate parties. As with the Pre-Drywall Inspection, once corrections have been completed, the BiltRite inspector returns to verify proper completion of each item.

While on site conducting the Pre-Closing QA Inspection, we also perform the code required Blower Door test where the overall Building Envelope is pressurized and overall air exchange dynamics are verified against design specifications.

The BiltRite Reports

BiltRite Reporting provides up-to-the-minute executive summaries and easy-to-use look-ups that will help you identify patterns and trends related to specific communities, subcontractors and date ranges.

Closing Day

At closing, you will receive your BiltRite Quality Assurance Program documentation, and the BiltRite Home Link Network enrollment packet.