Infared Scan Inspections

Water damage is one of the biggest concerns for homeowners in Jacksonville. We live in a coastal area with high humidity and heavy rainfall. Keeping water out of homes and commercial buildings is a must for health and financial reasons. At BiltRite we perform water intrusion inspections using specialized infrared equipment. An infrared scan allows us to see what our eyes can’t detect, finding potential problems before they grow out of control.

An example of this is a leaky pipe behind a wall. It may take weeks or even months for a small leak to damage the drywall enough for you to notice the damage through the front of the wall. By that time, it’s usually too late and the repairs will be costly. With an infrared scanner, we are able to see the difference in temperature caused by the water evaporating from inside the wall, often cooling the area significantly. This allows us to trace the problem back to its source, saving you repair time and cost.

Not Just for Water & Moisture Issues

The infrared scan isn’t just for water and moisture issues. This type of inspection is a great way to validate a repair performed by a contractor or local “fix it man” since our inspectors are also able to find:

  • Heating and cooling loss areas
  • Active mold
  • Construction quality issues
  • Potential electrical installation problems
  • Termites and pests

Despite how the display may look, the infrared scan is not the same as an x-ray and cannot see through walls, only surface temperatures are detected. However, the variations in surface temperature allow you to pinpoint where problems exist and isolate potential causes.

Do I pay extra for an infrared inspection?

No. When your choose BiltRite, infrared thermography and a moisture meter are utilized on all home, mold, and moisture intrusion inspections at no additional cost. Your BiltRite technician will perform a scan on the entire home and take photos of water sensitive areas. These photos will be uploaded to the homeowners file. The infrared camera is pivotal in the detection of small but costly leaks. We consider water intrusion inspections performed without the use of the infrared camera incomplete.

Fluke IR InSight XS & XST Portable Infrared Scanners

We only use the best equipment available on the market for our inspections, infrared being no exception. The New Fluke IR InSight XS & XST portable infrared scanners couple incredible thermal sensitivity with top-of-the-line image quality. These devices are optimized for low contrast thermal scanning commonly encountered in routine inspections and often pinpoint issues missed by other devices. BiltRite prepares customized, professional survey reports using the InSight’s included SmartView™ software.

BiltRite technicians are specially trained to perform infrared scan inspections in both new and existing construction. Call us today to schedule your inspection at 904-262-9855 or complete the short form on this page. We service all of greater Jacksonville including Jacksonville Beach and Ponte Vedra.