Commercial Building Inspections in Jacksonville, FL

Commercial Building Inspections in Jacksonville, FL

Building Sciences come into play more with commercial properties than in residential ones. Commercial structures are inherently different in that they are designed for completely different purposes than homes. Commercial property owners face different challenges, regulations and laws than residential owners. Generally speaking, these rules are far stricter as additional elements need to be considered, such as: potential injury to the public, OSHA safety regulations for workers, City of Jacksonville ordinances and zoning.

Our standard commercial building inspections include a visual inspection of the following listed components:

Roof System
Most commercial properties have a flat roof. The problem with flat roofs is that water is allowed to collect if they're not properly designed. Commercial buildings with a near-flat roof are typically sloped just enough to force water off the roof and down drainage pipes. During our inspection we examine all components of your commercial roof, seeking out water entry points and areas of damage.

Structural System
On the inside of the building we look for possible problems in the structural components of the buildings, such as support beams, load-bearing walls and environmental tolerances. What we often find are issues caused not by the building itself, but by neighboring buildings. Settling foundations and construction issues in nearby properties can often affect our client's property without their knowledge.

Life Safety
We always follow the best strategies from the National Fire Protection Association to minimize the effects of fire and similar hazards in both new and existing structures. This includes sprinkler systems, emergency lighting, alarms, smoke barriers, special hazard protection and smoke barriers.

ADA Compliance
A review of the most recent changes in the Americans with Disabilities Act will be applied in our inspection to identify any ADA Compliance issues.

Often regular visits by the same inspector to the same property reveal developing issues over time. What may have been a sound foundation in 2012 may show signs of crumbling and cracking in 2015. By having the baseline from 3 years prior to reference, your BiltRite commercial inspector will have much more information to go on and be able to make better recommendations for upkeep and repair.

Inspecting Non-Commercial Buildings for Business Use

As local populations shift and change we often see zoning adjust to allow buildings which were not built for commercial purposes to be used for business. This is the case in older homes, vacant schools or other converted properties. If you are considering buying one of these for your business, you will want a commercial property inspector to apply the rules governing commercial buildings to the non-commercial property. Often specific upgrades are necessary to convert a residential property into one suitable for business use. These may be as small as installing handicap accessible walkways and restroom facilities or as large as rewiring the entire structure. Your BiltRite Inspections property inspector will outline exactly what needs to be done to use the building for commercial use.

Here at BiltRite Inspections we take pride in not only conducting the most thorough inspections, but also given our background as builders to provide the best solutions for correcting any violation. Buying a commercial property is a large investment and a big step for your business. Be sure to safeguard your company by hiring a BiltRite Inspections inspector today. Call our office at 904-262-9855 or complete the contact form on this page for an immediate response.