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Builder Services

Call Jacksonville, FL's BiltRite Inspections for Third Party QA and Energy Testing Services

With all the changes in the energy code and building practices over recent years, combined with an increase in overall productivity, we have seen a renewed need for third party Quality Assurance assessments. BiltRite Inspections has been Northeast Florida's trusted partner for over 12 years providing building diagnostic services of all kinds. We are excited to be introducing a new combination of services that will help Builders meet the new testing requirements AND simultaneously improve overall quality and reduce liability.

BiltRite's Third Party QA and Energy Testing program meets the new code requirement for Duct Blaster/Blower Door testing that assures the overall "tightness" of the ac system and building envelope. But it carries it several steps forward beyond that minimum requirement. We combine the following services at those two visits to your site:

1. Pre-Drywall/Duct Blaster Inspection
a. Conduct code required duct blaster certification on all AC systems of every home
b. Conduct an overall Pre-Drywall QA inspection at the same visit as the Duct Blaster which includes:
i. Overall structural inspection
ii. Overall building envelope inspection with emphasis on water intrusion prevention
iii. MEP walk through looking closely at Electrical, Plumbing and AC
iv. Roof inspection
v. Any items requiring attention are then documented in our database and reporting system where deficiency lists are sent not only to the Superintendent but also parsed out to the specific subcontractor trade partner responsible for each item.

2. Pre-Closing/Blower Door Inspection
a. Conduct code required blower door certification on every home
b. Conduct Pre-Closing QA inspection which includes
i. IR scan of all perimeter and wet walls
ii. Performance test of all HVAC
iii. General QA walk addressing all functional items in the home (appliances, doors, windows, cabinets, etc.
iv. Exterior assessment addressing potential moisture intrusion items, grading, and general fit and finish.
v. Just like the pre-drywall, all items are then sent to the Superintendent as well as specific subcontractors for swift attention.

ALL inspection data is stored in our proprietary database where you can data mine in every way possible to identify patterns and issues requiring management attention. We review this data with your management team through the year to assist in making recommendation where scope of work updates may be warranted, or plan detail updates needed based on high occurrence items in the reports. It is a VERY powerful system giving you a true perspective on how your product matches up to your scopes of work and standards.

BiltRite conducts more warranty response diagnostic calls for home builders than any firm in Northeast Florida. All the features of our newer construction, energy efficient though it may be, bring new indoor comfort and environmental challenges that did not exist in years past. We have already mapped these issues out and will steer your organization away from the weeds. Because of our experience in providing building diagnostic work for all builders in the area, we are tuned in to the specific issues that can arise and present warranty expense or potential liability. Through this process, we will eliminate these items from your homes and provide continual process improvement consultation for you to keep overall quality moving forward through time. We can keep the cost competitive by combining 4 services into 2 visits. THERE IS NO OTHER FIRM IN NORTHEAST FLORIDA THAT CAN BRING ALL THESE BENEFITS TO YOU AT ANY PRICE.

  • Increase Initial Quality
  • Increase Initial Customer Satisfaction
  • Increase Sales
  • Reduce Liability and Risk
  • Reduce Insurance Cost

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