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Whether you desire new construction or custom renovations, BiltRite, is your best resource for consultation and project oversight. We take all that we learn through 10,000+ inspections and building diagnostic assessments, and roll that knowledge into every construction project. We work with each client to establish a clear and accurate scope of work and then consult through the bidding and contractor selection process to help match the best contractor to the project. Then we provide project oversight and draw inspections to assure that the finished product matches the expectations established in the construction documents. The benefit to YOU our client is that your home or commercial building will be beautiful, durable, low maintenance, and energy efficient, and the project will run smoothly and on budget.

Experienced craftsmen with an eye for design

Experienced craftsmen with an eye for design

Don't waste your time and money on just any construction company in the Jacksonville, FL area. You deserve to have a home or commercial building that's built right. The BiltRite Design/Build team has extensive knowledge with property inspection and construction work. You can rely on us to:

  • Help design a living space that's safe and energy-efficient
  • Assure a structurally sound home or commercial building
  • Make sure your property is in compliance with state regulations
  • Inspect and restore historical properties to make them safe and efficient without losing their charm and personality

Let's start building today. Call 904-262-9855 to schedule a consultation with BiltRite of Jacksonville, FL.

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