Air Flow Analysis

You may not think too much about it, but the air flowing through your home affects many aspects of your daily life. In most Jacksonville homes, the HVAC unit handles heating and cooling through an air handler, which is typically stowed away in a ventilated closet. This unit moves the air throughout your home, handling changes in temperature and humidity. But, do you know whether your air handler is efficiently managing air flow? If you’re like most homeowners, you don't have a clue. That's where BiltRite steps in. Our team of quality home inspection professionals perform a complete airflow analysis of your system that includes:

  • Finding places where air is leaking from your system
  • Auditing your energy bills for potential savings
  • Checking that all ducts are free from obstruction
  • Making recommendations for maximizing efficiency

From your energy bill to your allergies, interior home airflow quality has a major impact on your budget and your wellness. By properly reviewing every aspect of your system, BiltRite helps you maintain continuous airflow so your comfort is not disrupted.

How does an Indoor Air Flow Test Work?

If you’ve ever watched a home improvement show on HGTV or the DIY Network, chances are you’ve seen this type of inspection performed. Doors and windows are sealed off with plastic sheeting and one or two high-powered fans are installed within the sheeting to push air out of the house. As the air moves out of the house this creates a low pressure environment which allows air from the outside to be “sucked in” through any potential cracks, crevices or gaps left during construction. Using infrared technology, your technician is able to pinpoint where these areas are and make recommendations for the best way of sealing these leaks. This part of the analysis is what will often find the biggest money-savings and make the largest impact to your bottom line as a homeowner.

What is a 5-point Traverse Test?

A 5 point traverse test is the most commonly performed air flow assessment. During this test, the technician uses a specialized tool called a “hot wire” which is attached to an extendable probe. The probe is placed through one of 5 holes drilled into the main duct of your HVAC system. Once the probe reaches the back of the duct, the technician begins taking measurements as the probe is slowly pulled back out of the hole. This process is repeated for the remaining 4 holes to find air flow differences between the back, center and front of the duct work. Once all the readings are recorded the technician will have the data needed to make the proper adjustments to the air handler, allowing it to blow faster or slower based on the readings. When finished, the holes are sealed off with inter-locking plastic caps.

Eliminating potential biological and environmental hazards

In addition to comfort assurance and money saving factors, the overall air quality inside your home is affected by your HVAC system. Indoor air pollutants are a leading cause of many chronic illnesses including lung cancer, chronic lung disease, asthma, severe nasal congestion, nausea and fatigue, according to the American Lung Association During our inspection, BiltRite examines every component carefully for potential biological and environmental hazards which would make your indoor air harmful to your health.

Contact BiltRite today for an airflow analysis of your home. We service all of Jacksonville including Orange Park, Arlington, Mandarin, Southside, The Beaches and Ponte Vedra. We can be reached by phone at 904-262-9855 or by completing the short form on this page.