Prepping for the Spring Real Estate Market


If you’re planning to put your house on the market during the late spring or early summer of 2017, then you’ll want to begin preparing your home now to get top dollar. As soon as your listing is live, the “days on the market” timer starts ticking. The longer it ticks away the less of a chance you’ll have to get your asking price. Even if you’re eager to sell and are in a hurry, you still have time. Prepping your home can be done over the course of a few weekends or late-nights after work. Here are a few steps you can take to get your home listed and sold as soon as possible.

Simple home improvements can go a long way toward getting our house sold quickly. The key is to think of your home through the eyes of a buyer. Make it appeal to the largest audience possible so the offers start flooding in. Start at the front entry and begin walking through with a fresh set of eyes; or take your Real Estate agent through with you. Common recommendations include removing family photos and personal items, repainting rooms with neutral colors, and performing a thorough cleaning. This is also a great time to make smaller repairs as “the devil is in the details.” Patching nail holes, replacing old light bulbs, or fixing that one “tricky faucet” can go a long way.

Besides repairs, adding custom touches to the home can really change how it looks to buyers. One of the most overlooked and inexpensive updates you can make are to replace your light switch covers. Most homes feature plain white plastic builder-grade covers. Walk through the house and count how many new covers you will need. Also, take into consideration the electrical outlet covers. Once you have your notes, take a trip to your favorite home improvement store and find a nice matching set to use throughout your home. In about 30 minutes, you can have every cover upgraded and you will be surprised how different it will look.

To be sure there are no hidden surprises before the sale, hire an independent home inspector. They will point out all problems, which need to be addressed, many of which can be fixed with a small budget. This will help prevent the buyer from coming down on their offer once their home inspection comes in.

So with just a few hours of dedicated work and a small financial investment, your home can fetch top dollar and be sold in no time.